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About the book

From smart phones and computers to blue jeans and beer, companies from China, India, Taiwan, Mexico, Turkey, and other emerging markets are now winning leading market shares with their own-branded, high-quality products-rather than with poorly produced products sold under others’ brand names. These emerging-market multinational companies (EMNCs) are giving the incumbent market leaders of North America, Western Europe, and Japan a run for their money in the areas of innovation, branding, and marketing.

How have these small, under-resourced businesses come so far so quickly? And what can you learn from their strategies and tactics?

Renowned experts in global branding and marketing, the authors of The New Emerging-Market Multinationals conducted an in-depth study of 39 EMNCs to reveal the innovative compete-from-below strategies and tactics fueling these companies’ meteoric rise.

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The authors identify four strategies driving this growth:

  • Cost Leaders leverage existing low-cost structures and large-scale volumes to extend their reach into developed markets.

  • Knowledge Leveragers tap their existing resources and knowledge of home consumers and the market to build branded businesses in other emerging markets.

  • Niche Customizers combine their cost advantages in manufacturing with newly developed low-cost R&D capabilities to develop customized niche-segment branded offerings in other emerging markets.

  • Global Brand Builders use their low-cost manufacturing and R&D capabilities to build branded businesses in developed markets—but limit their focus to specific products and segments through a process of focused innovation.

  • Whether you run an EMNC or a developed-market company, deep knowledge of the strategies outlined here is an absolute necessity for competing effectively now and in the future. Don’t get caught off guard by the “new kids on the block”—because today’s EMNCs are determined to be tomorrow’s market leaders.

    Get breakthrough strategies for competing with innovative companies in emerging-market nations.

    Western organizations are quickly losing influence to emerging market multinationals. To help you compete, The New Emerging Market Multinationals outlines best practices from emerging-market multinationals (EMNCs), and provides game changing strategies and tactics that you can use to emulate their success—or beat them at their own game.

    Inside the book:

  • Presents breakthrough strategies EMNCs have used to disrupt global markets.

  • Shows established multi-national corporations how to adapt to the threat of EMNCs and how to use EMNC strategies for themselves.

  • Illustrates how resource-strapped companies in emerging and established markets can put these strategies to use in their businesses.

  • Takes an approach to strategy development based on focused innovation, leveraging limited budgets.

  • Develops the concepts of niche customizers and global brand builders to show companies how to develop market share in any market.